Friday, May 25, 2007

Umbrare Remembers You

Umbrare used to drop the players randomly on a trail somewhere on the map, but that's changed a bit over the past few days:

  • If it's your first time visiting Umbrare
  • And someone else is currently walking around in Umbrare
  • And they're walking on or near a trail
  • You'll be dropped somewhere near them - this makes it a better experience for you as a first time visitor because you will hopefully meet up with this other player who can show you the ropes (if they're not too new themselves).
  • If there are no other players currently in Umbrare or the ones that are were not near a trail
  • You'll be dropped on a trail - this will hopefully inspire you to go exploring and give you not only the simple joy of discovering new things (howbeit smallish discoveries since it's just a computer world, not the real thing) but also a desire to make your own creations in Umbrare that others can eventually explore for themselves.
  • If you're not new (at least as pertaining to using a given computer)
  • You'll be dropped right where you left last time you visited Umbrare - you will even look the same and be facing the same direction and you might even find yourself saying the same thing you were saying when you left!
  • In any case, enjoy finding your way out of Umbrare!